About Us

Our Mission:

Our goal is to improve health and wellness for the citizens of Haiti by educating highly skilled nurses.

Our Motivation:

Nurses are the front-line of health and wellness in a society.  They are the primary source of care for individuals who are suffering and vulnerable.  There is a critical need for increased support for the nursing community in Haiti as they continue to deal with the health and well-being of their country.  Currently, the education of nurses in Haiti is limited to a diploma level.  Facilitating and furthering the education of nurses will launch the advancement of the healthcare system in Haiti. While other nonprofits or humanitarian associations send their own medical professionals to help Haitians, our organization creates a system that allows Haitians to, in large part, help themselves.

Our Founders:

In cooperation with Lucille Charles and the President of the Haitian Nurses Association, Promoting Health In Haiti (a not-for-profit organization) was founded by:

Carol Roye, EdD, RN, CPNP, FAAN

Steven Baumann PhD, RN

Joanna Hofmann EdD, RN

Carmelle M. Bellefleur PhD, RN